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About Krizman's Sausage
Krizman's Sausage is family-owned and operated right here in Kansas City, Ks in the historic Strawberry Hill area. Since our company opened its doors in 1939, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products,but our sausages are the best, and come with a hand-made guarantee of quality using only the finest cuts of meat and freshest ingredients.Other larger companies may make sausage as an afterthought to use up scraps of meat, at Krizman's all we do is manufacture sausage so each batch is made with the best all natural ingredients available.

Krizman's Sausage was founded by  Joseph Krizman Sr. and his brother-in-law Matt Grisnik in 1939. Refugees from Croatia and the ravages of world war I, they set off for america to build their dream. Grisnik and Krizman,as it was called back in the day, first started as a small mom-and- pop grocery store which produced a small amount of sausage with recipes brought from the old country. Soon people were coming from miles around just to get the mouth watering sausages. 

Joseph Krizman Jr.,bought Grisnik and Krizman in 1972. Realizing small corner grocery stores were a dying business he razed the old store and built our current plant, renaming it simply,"Krizman's Sausage". Focusing on wholesale business to restaurants was his main goal. Soon we had some of the best ​restaurants in Kansas City,particularily BBQ restaurants, putting our sausages on their menus. Quickly realizing we could not meet the delivery demands of all of our accounts we started utilizing distributors,meat companies, and food brokers to get our products to our consumers.

Today Krizman's Sausage is owned by  Joseph Krizman III. Realizing that popularity in television cooking shows,bbq competitions, and social media has fueled the home consumer to produce restaurant quality food, we have once again come full circle and put an emphasis on the retail market.We have just completed a major expansion of our retail area with a complete array of smoked and fresh sausages available.   We also offer other ethnic foods as well as bbq rubs and seasonings. 
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